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Temple of BaliBali, known as the last true paradise on earth, has been enchanting visitors for centuries with its rich culture, spectacular natural beauty, unique customs and traditions, and its incredibly friendly people.

From lofty, mist enshrouded volcanoes to cool mountain lakes through emerald green rice paddies to black and white sandy beaches; every square inch of Bali offers a fresh and unforgettable image.

No less enchanting are its people; some 3 million souls whose artistry and poetry are recognized throughout the world.  Balinese Hinduism, a complex fusion of Indian cosmology, Tantric Buddhism and home grown mythology, is the primary faith of Baliís inhabitants.  This exotic mixture forms the basis for local worship, which is so deeply woven into the fabric of their daily lives that the line between the spiritual and material is blurry at best.

Although the true complexities of Balinese life and spiritualism may take years to fully grasp, I have thoughtfully selected engaging cultural experiences and insightful itineraries to help you to discover the real Bali as we welcome you to our island paradise!

I am proud of my 20+ years as a professional tour guide, and will be honoured to share my knowledge and love of the island with you, your travelling companions or your tour group.  My experience has taken me to the farthest reaches and to the loftiest heights of an island whose beauty I know will delight your senses.

I welcome you to share the real Bali with me as we experience its beauty and mystique together.  May your visit to Bali become a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime!

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